Somos (texto de Chuck Klosterman)

- Habla Mitch, jóven del Midwest Norteamericano-

It's hard being wrong. It's hard being wrong about what you think you can do, and it's hard being wrong about who you are. People who are wrong during particularly important moments inevitably spend the rest of their lives trying to explain how their wrongness was paradoxically correct, or -at the very least- why their wrongness "felt right at the time" which is very very different from being authentically correct.

We do this because it is impossible to live happily when your life is defined by a mistake.
Yes, this is how it goes. Always.

We are remembered for the totality of our accomplishments, but we are defined by the singularity of our greatest failure. It does not matter what you have been right about, and it does not matter how often rightness is validated by others. 
We are what we cannot do.